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Your band has conquered the local scene, but you aren't sure how to get to the next level?

You could be using social media better or posting more, but to be honest, it's not enjoyable and feels overwhelming?

No matter how many shows you play, or tours you do, your fan base doesn't seem to be growing?

That sometimes it's a struggle to even get people through the door to your gigs, and you're exhausted at the thought?

Your band might be being overlooked for support slots or radio play?

You feel invisible and that this whole 'music' thing might not be for you?

"VERY good advice. You’ve changed the way we all think and opened our eyes to the way the modern music industry works."

- Ironstone

"Very easy to learn with a step by step guide filled with professional standard advice on how to make the most impact and grow your brand. I’d advise any new/growing band or musical project with the goal to take things to the next level to give Social Media Shredder a go."

- Ben Chard (Guitarist / Producer)

Your Instructor

Monica Strut
Monica Strut

Hey, Legend! My name is Monica and I’m a professional Digital Marketer and Artist Coach. I have been a musician my entire life and for the past 5 years, a music journo and senior staff member of Australia's biggest alternative music magazine, HEAVY Magazine. I specialise in digital marketing for the creative industries and have freelanced for record companies, touring companies, fashion boutiques, photographers, music schools and more.

My passion for heavy music is all-consuming and I've seen too many of my peers give up on their musical journey because they didn't have the right skills, knowledge or mindset to push through their limiting beliefs. Now it's time for me to help YOU on your journey because, dude, to not share your gift with the world would honestly just be selfish. :) Let's do this.


Look, Social Media can seem like a lot of extra work and honestly, we all just want to play music at the end of the day.

But the truth is, first impressions count. A booking agent, manager, or music fan could make up their mind about your band within minutes, if not seconds, of landing on your Facebook, Instagram or YouTube pages.

In fact, it's not uncommon for big support slots to be allocated based solely on a band's Facebook page.

But Social Media doesn't have to be overwhelming and there are REALLY simple, yet highly effective ways you can use this tool to take your band to the next level.

Social Media Shredder has been specifically designed for musicians. It will give you the tools and strategy you need to get more people through the door to your shows, get your music in front of more people and create a 'buzz' for your band.

This course is not a guide on how to use Facebook or Instagram. This is a social media marketing and branding course for serious musicians who are willing to do what it takes to take their band and careers to the next stage.

"It’s the ‘Music Business’ and most ‘Musicians’ are not good at ‘Business’ - Social Media Shredder helps to bridge this gap. It’s refreshing to be reminded of so much that I’ve forgotten since I started and to also be taught about so many new things at the same time! Monica’s tone of voice is great and didn’t seem to be put on and fake like most of the other courses out there, it helped me stay focussed and soak up the information."

- Blake Cateris (Professional Musician / Molly & The Krells)

“Monica gave us some excellent insight as well as a highly personalised rundown on where we are at and what we can do to improve. I can’t recommend this service enough for any band looking to get on the right track.”

- SYNAESCOPE (Coaching client)

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this course take to complete?
The videos themselves go for approx 1 hr 20 min in total. However this is a self-paced course with worksheets and action steps that will take a few extra hours on top of that. It's recommend setting aside a weekend or an hour a night over a few nights to get through the content and implement what you learn as you go.
Will I be able to access the course after I’ve completed it?
Yes! You’ll have lifetime access to the content.
Can non-heavy bands or solo artists do this course?
YES! The principles taught can definitely be applied to bands outside the heavy genres, if for the most part, you still use real instruments. However if you’re an EDM or pop artist your path to success will look a little different so this course is probably not going to be relevant to you.

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